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Odd Jelly Out now on show

P1020032 2
Odd Jelly Out at Downtown Park, Redmond

The latest Odd Jelly Out installation is currently on show at Downtown Park, Redmond, Washington. Three large figures and five new small figures from the OJO family are on display through January 4 2019. The installation is free to visit and is illuminated every Saturday and Sunday from 5.30pm-8pm.


Illuminated green OJO – now on show at Downtown Park, Redmond
[December 9, 2018]

Odd Jelly Out @ Redmond Lights!

Redmond Poster
OJO at Redmond Lights

We are pleased to announce that Odd Jelly Out will have a new temporary home at Redmond Downtown Park (WA) from November 30 2018 through January 4 2019. Three large figures and five new small figures from the OJO family will be installed and illuminated the weekend of the Redmond Lights festival and remain in the heart of Redmond throughout the holiday period. A massive thank you goes to the Arts Council of the City of Redmond for their financial and practical support in enabling this project to come to fruition. See you there!

[November 14, 2018]


Odd Jelly Out @ Luminata 2018!

Luminata, Seattle WA

We are excited to announce that Odd Jelly Out will be a featured artist at this year’s Luminata Festival at Green Lake, Seattle on Saturday September 22nd! Many thanks to the Fremont Arts Council for their generous grant and giving us the opportunity to show at this amazing local event. Come and see us!

[September 14, 2018]


Odd Jelly Out @ Arts-A-Glow 2018!

OJO at Arts-A-Glow

Odd Jelly Out was a hit at Burien’s annual Arts-A-Glow Festival! A big thank you to Gina Kallman and the jury at Burien Arts Council for their generous grant and the opportunity to bring OJO to this fantastic local event.

[September 12 2018]


New Book!


Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 10.53.45 AM.png
New Book! Out March 2019!

After the success of the 2:365 Art Book (now out of print), Missy’s new book The Aesthetic of Mental Disorder: 2:365, Bipolar & Beyond is forthcoming March 2019. It is available to preorder here.

Following four years of interviews with academics and the media across the world, this new book sees Missy return with fresh eyes to the 2:365 project. Drawing on her experience as a former art history professor, she analyzes 2:365‘s visual language and symbolism, and sets the project both in historical context and against trends in contemporary art. The book also touches on art therapy and the problematic nature of identity and self-expression.

Complete with full colour reproductions of the project’s stand-out paintings, as well as captivating graphics, data visualizations and previously unseen work, it’s a must-have for readers interested in art, psychology, mental illness and art therapy.

Here’s a little teaser:

31776189_1804151239628794_6185479279699034112_o[June 1 2018]


webMD at the Studio

Missy and Alan

This month we welcomed John Cassaras from webMD and Alan Smith from Creative Cabin Studios in Atlanta for a two day shoot with Missy and Kim. The film focusses on Missy’s life-long struggle with bipolar disorder and how it has manifested itself through her work, specifically the 2:365 project. We can’t wait to see the final cut in July!

[May 20 2018]


Odd Jelly Out is burning bright!


We are proud to announce that Odd Jelly Out is heading back to Burning Man this summer! Having recovered from the horrendous theft of 16 sculptures last year from our placement out in deep playa, work is now well underway to bring this installation back to the gathering in August 2018 – as well as to Black Rock City Municipal Airport. Lead by Kim at uckiood, the OJO installation will consist of ten 4ft fiberglass forms, in both bold, glossy technicolor and disco ball glory. Check out our designs and progress so far.

OJO dimensions + lighting
To scale designs of OJO 2018
Kim working on OJO in the studio
[April 31 2018]


Odd Jelly Out into space!

Little & Large

Odd Jelly Out’s maiden voyage of 2018 was courtesy of our great friend, Sarah Seitz. Researcher, space carpenter and all-round amazing woman, Sarah agreed to take OJO on a NASA research trip to Chile. Kitted out in a bespoke NASA outfit, OJO took in the sights and sounds of the Atacama desert, including the giant el Mano del Desierto just outside Antofagasta.

Getting ready to jet off with NASA backpack
[April 2018]

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