Odd Jelly Out


Odd Jelly Out at Burning Man 2018. Photo courtesy Busboom Photography


One of ‘The best artwork[s] from Burning Man 2018’, The Independent, UK (Sept 3 2018).

Odd Jelly Out is the latest, large-scale sculpture project by Missy and Kim at the uckiood studio. Originally conceived to champion the ‘outsider’ and those on the fringes of society, it has evolved into a wide-reaching project whose influence has spread across the world, being featured in The Independent (UK), Vogue (NL), Designboom, Creapills (Fr) and My Modern Met. The OJO forms are playful and bold, both eliciting joy and encouraging a broader conversation about diversity, loneliness and marginalization.

Drawing inspiration from Jelly Babies – the iconic British candy – each Odd Jelly Out form is hand cast and created from fiberglass, glass, mirror and steel. All forms are LED-lit internally for colorful and glowing night-time use.

Variations of the Odd Jelly Out project have been shown at Burning Man, Black Rock City NV (2017, 2018), the Desert Arts Preview in San Francisco CA (2018), as well as the Arts-A-Glow festival in Burien WA (2018). It is also being exhibited as part of the Luminata festival in Seattle WA (September 2018).

The OJO family diaspora has spread to the US, South America and Asia, and a customized OJO was even taken on a NASA research mission to the Atacama Desert in early 2018!

Odd Jelly Out figures – large (4ft) and small (2ft and 1ft), with customized styling in glass and mirror – are now ON SALE to the general public. For commissions, bespoke orders and pricing, please contact us directly at missy@uckiood.com or kim@uckiood.com.


Odd Jelly Out, 2018 (4ft x 2ft x 2ft, glass, fiberglass, LED and steel)


OJO figure (4ft x 2ft x 2ft, glass, fiberglass, LEDs, steel and wood)


OJO figure (4ft x 2ft x 2ft, glass, fiberglass, LEDs, steel and wood)


OJO figure (4ft x 2ft x 2ft, mirrored glass, fiberglass, LEDs, steel and wood). Photo courtesy of Gordon Bluechel


OJO detail


OJO at the Arts-A-Glow Festival, Burien WA, 2018


OJO at the Arts-A-Glow Festival, Burien WA, 2018


OJO at the Arts-A-Glow Festival, Burien WA, 2018
OJO on a NASA mission to the Atacama Desert, Chile (2018). Photo courtesy of Sarah Seitz


Customized OJO complete with NASA backpack (2018)


Odd Jelly Out figures in Black Rock Desert (2017)


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