Day 314: The Beach

‘A beautiful compilation of art and a significant contribution to the understanding of mental illness.’ (Victoria Maxwell, actor, mental health speaker and contributor to Psychology Today).

2:365 is a ground-breaking project which explores bipolar disorder and its effect on the artistic voice. On January 1st 2013, Missy decided to document her struggle with the bipolar condition by painting a canvas a day for the entirety of the year. Completed in situ wherever she was in the world, each canvas reflected her emotional and psychological state over that 24-hour period. Times of mania, depression and stability were laid bare through the medium of oil paint.

As well as comprising a collection of 365 paintings which were exhibited in Brussels (2013) and Seattle (2014, 2017-18), the 2:365 Art Book – featuring all paintings and Missy’s written diary of the year – was launched in May 2014 in collaboration with the International Bipolar Foundation.

Since 2014, the 2:365 project has garnered the support and attention of notable mental health advocates and writers such as Patrick J. Kennedy, Andy Behrman, Ellen Forney, Stephen Fry, Victoria Maxwell and Natasha Tracy. It has had an impact across the world being featured on BBC Radio, BBC Online World NewsPsychology Today (US), Better Mental Health Magazine (Australia)webMD, bp Magazine (US)Disability Today (UK), Inside.com, Bipolar Burble and Bipolar Reality.

The project has also been the focus of academic theses across the UK, the US and Asia, and has been a keynote topic in medical symphosia, workshops and forums at the International Bipolar Foundation, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), DBSA (Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance), London-based Live Music Now – Mental Health Workshops, Students for Samaritans (Brown University), Active Minds (Xavier University), CMEology, The Humanology Project and Families for Depression Awareness.

The Aesthetic of Mental Disorder: 2:365, Bipolar & Beyond, Missy’s follow-up to the original 2014 Art Book, is due for publication in 2019. Original paintings and prints from the project are also for sale here.

Artboard 4
New book!

If you would like to license or reproduce any images from the 2:365 series, or would like Missy to speak about 2:365 or related topics at your event, please contact Missy directly at missy@uckiood.com.

You can see more paintings from the 2:365 collection here.

Day 242: White Wave
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