uckiood is the husband and wife team of artists/designers, Missy Douglas & Kim Rask. Together they have over 40 years’ experience working in the creative arts and design world. They are based in Seattle, Washington.

Just as their design work is bold and exuberant, their studio portfolio – straddling both disciplines of painting and sculpture – displays a similar strength of voice. Often tackling complex and challenging ideas, their pieces consistently elicit powerful and varied reactions, regardless of form, style or concept.

Their work has been featured on BBC World News & RadioThe Independent (UK), Vogue (NL), Design BoomMy Modern Met, Creapills (Fr), Psychology Today and webMD.

Here’s more about each of them:



20160316_181009Missy is a British artist and writer, currently living and working in Seattle, Washington.

She is a former professor of art history and tutor of fine art, holding an M.A. and Ph.D in Modern Languages and History of Art from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Missy established her own fine art and teaching studio in Brussels, Belgium in 2009, and started working with American artist and designer, Kim Rask, under the joint name, uckiood, in 2011. In 2014, the duo gained global recognition for their ground-breaking project, 2:365, which explored the intersection of bipolar disorder and the creative voice.

After a hiatus of several years working as a Creative Director and designer in the UK tech industry, Missy returned to the studio full-time in 2018. She now works primarily in the field of sculpture.

She has exhibited in both group and solo shows in the UK, Seattle WA, New York City NY, Brussels, Belgium, and Black Rock City NV. As well as attracting a host of high profile clients and patrons, her life and work have been featured in print and online media across the world.

As a writer and editor, Missy has contributed to a number of academic, lifestyle and online publications in the UK, US and Europe. As part of the acclaimed 2:365 project, she created the 2:365 Art Book in 2014. Her new book, The Aesthetic of Mental Disorder: 2:365, Bipolar & Beyond, is forthcoming 2019.

Missy has worked with a variety of non-profits, and has spoken on the theme of mental illness and creativity in conferences and symposia across the US.

In 2014, Missy was nominated for a U.S. National Council for Behavioral Health Award of Excellence, and the UK G.D.S.T. Alumna of the Year Award in 2015.



Bio Pic KimA former student of the University of Washington, Kim began his artistic career during Seattle’s countercultural heyday of the 1990s, working in the fields of animation and sound. Upon meeting Missy in 2011 and co-founding the uckiood studio in Brussels, Belgium, Kim transitioned into three-dimensional sculpture with ease. He is the driving force behind the duo’s sculptural work in the studio, offering robust ideas, imaginative use of materials and immaculate technical ability.

Through previous experience as Marketing and Product Development Director for UK mapping and data visualization company mappl, Kim has successfully bridged the gap between art and tech, producing distinctive graphics both digitally and in print. He implicitly understands the unique and complex relationship between brand, product and client, having created successful crowd-funding, PR and online content marketing campaigns for a variety of events and products in the UK and the US.


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