Bibliography, Media & Awards

Our work has been featured, reviewed and photographed in the following publications and media:

Print & Online

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Conference Papers & Lectures

2016. ‘Fear of Mental Health Medications & Loss of Authenticity’, NAMI, Snohomish County, Lynnwood WA

2015. ‘2:365: Art & Bipolar’, Students & Samaritans Distinguished Advocate Series Lectures, Brown University, Providence RI

2014. ‘2:365: The Art of Living With Bipolar’, International Bipolar Foundation Webinar Series, San Diego CA


Radio & Film

J. Cassaras & Smith, A., 2018. ‘Bipolar Disorder: In Our Own Words. Illustrating Bipolar With Art’, with Creative Cabin Studios (Atlanta, GA)

J. Griff, 2014. ‘Interview with Missy Douglas on her life and work’, BBC Radio Northampton (Northampton, UK)

J. Rybka, 2017. ‘Missy Douglas: The Art of Living With Bipolar’, Bipolar Daze Videos



2015. UK G.D.S.T Alumna of the Year Award (Nomination)

2014. US National Council of Behavioral Health Excellence Award (Nomination)


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